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The Clinic

At Behind the Wallpaper, we offer the very best in therapeutic and luxurious spa treatments. By combining our holistic approach with advanced medical training we have discovered the secret to total skin health. To attain this we tap into the best of nature by combining natural and scientific ingredients with advanced modalities.


Located in Atascocita TX, Behind the Wallpaper offers a true day spa experience. Come early and enjoy complimentary refreshments in our ultra-chic, ultra-comfortable relaxation room, or try our Lux Infrared sauna. Our treatment rooms have the finest spa linens and top of the line equipment to ensure a complete spa experience, 

The Name

Our salon name "Behind the Wallpaper" comes from the Irish response to a question regarding the unknown whereabouts of someone or thing.. (its is /they are in "Nellie's room behind the wallpaper")

When our founder was a child her mother would tell her that she was going to 

"Nellie's room behind the wallpaper!", when she would ask  "Where are you going? Can I go?" Apparently children were not allowed Behind the Wallpaper and like many children Storm's imagination had her looking for magical rooms in the wallpaper seams. As it would turn out this magic room was just a way for her mother to escape, unwind, or enjoy a beauty appointment. So it seemed fitting that years later after becoming a mother herself she would name her salon "Behind the Wallpaper". 

Now the meaning has taken on a new meaning and is  far more than just an oasis from the day but a question as to our skins health. What is behind the wallpaper of your life? The answer as Storm put it is simple and complex. Because behind everything in our lives, makeup, pollution,sun and stress (wallpaper), there is a more beautiful you waiting.


Our Philosophy


Our mission at Behind the Wallpaper is to leave the world a little bit better every day by providing therapeutic experiences that balance the mind and body. By helping improve the quality of life in our guests by facilitating the elimination stress. With our total wellness approach we believe we can have a positive impact on our community. We also minimize our footprint on the planet with our sustainably sourced products and biodegradable packaging. We promise not only to deliver premier wellness services but also to educate our guests within our scope of practice on how to achieve their desired goals. 

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